Show champions

Show champions bred/owned by Bazaar

Jeg har vært så heldig å oppdrette champions i alle puddelens fire størrelsesvarianter, men jeg må innrømme at mellompudler står mitt hjerte nærmest. Ikke for stor, ikke for liten, sporty, humoristisk og positiv i alle vær 😋

I've been so lucky to breed and own Champions in all four varieties of poodles, but I must admit Miniatures/Medium size Poodles are closest to my heart. Not too small, not too big, athletic, humouristic and always positive dogs that they are.

Storpuddel/Standard Poodle:

No Ch. Barbis Beautiful Dreamer "Ronja" f. 1986

No Ch. Bazaars Step by Step "Lady" f. 1992

No Ch. Bazaars Trouble for Regadog "Vilde" f. 1997

Mellompuddel/Miniature/Medium Poodle:

No Fi Ch. Ankarus More Than Ever "Vicky" f. 1985

No Ch. Ankarus Heavy Action " Juni" f. 1988

No Se Ch. Isadora's Christmas Bazaar "Chanel" f. 1995

No Se Ch. Bazaars Arabesque "Susanna" f. 1996

Int. Nord Ch. Bazaars Sudden Hush "Sharkie" f. 1994, Top Winning Miniature Bitch 1998 & Runner Up Top Winning Miniature.

No Ch. Miradel Face the Music "Pluto" f. 1989

No Se Ch. Bazaars Baroque "Rasmus" f. 1994

Int. Nord Ch. SV-99 Bazaars Easter Parade "Pontus" f. 1997 Top Winning Miniature in Sweden 1999 & multiple Veteran of the Year in Sweden  

No Ch. No Se L Ch. Bazaars Here We Go Again "Teddie" f. 1999

No Se Ch. Bazaars Watch Me  Fly "Ellen" f. 1999

No Ch. Bazaars King Ramses "Ramses" f. 1999

Am.Ch. Bazaars Airwolf "Kenny" f. 2000

No. Ch. Bazaars Time Changes at Regadog "Kiwi" f. 2000

No. Ch. Rose's Lucy Bazaar "Lucy" f. 2003

No Se Dk EE Fi Ch. Sarahill Make Dreams "Mikki" f. 2002

No Ch. Junipers Taylor Made for Bazaar "Moose" f. 2004

Int.Nord. Ch NV-02 KBHV-02 Bazaars Irish Rose "Fanta" f. 2000, Top Winning Miniature bitch 2002 and Runner-Up Top Winning Miniature 2002  

Int. Nord Ch. Bazaars Zalmiaque "Rikke" f. 2003

Int. Nord.Ch. NORDV-03 Bazaars Tiger Lily f. 2002 Top Winning Miniature 2003

No Ch. NORDjV-05 Mirisch Esprit de Bazaar "Selma" f. 2004

No Ch. Bazaars One To Watch "Sushie" f. 2004

Int. Nord. Ch. NV-07 KBHV-07 Bazaars Sentimental Reasons "Willy" f. 2005, Top Winning Miniature male and Runner-Up Miniature 2006 & 2007

Int.Nord.Ch. EURjW-06 SV-06 KBHV-07 NORDV-07 VWW-14 Bazaars Frequent Flyer "Wilma" f. 2005, Top Winning Miniature 2006 & 2007 Dog of The Year # 4 2007 Top Winning Veteran 2013

Int. Nord. Fi Ch. NORDjV-07 jWW-08 NV-08 KBHV-09 Bazaars Easy Does It "Virpi" f. 2007. Top Winning Miniature 2008

Int. Ch. Dk Cz Sk At Hu Si Hr Lu Ch. EURW-08 CEEW-08-09 KBHV-09 Bazaars Starring Moravia "Luka f. 2006 Top Winning Miniature 2007 & 2008, Poodle of the Year 2007 in Chez Republic.

No Ch. Bazaars Hugo Boss "Hugo" f. 2007

Int. Nord. Ch. Bazaars Moyen Caniche "Mickey" f. 2007

No Ch. Bazaars Fly Me to Molineux "Wilja" f. 2008

No Se Dk Ch. Osmanthus Cartier "Ozzy" f. 2008

No Se Dk Ch Bazaars Itzy Bitzy "Itzy" f. 2008

Se Ch. Bazaars Cirque du Lune "Fanny" f. 2008

Int. No Cz Rs At Hu NORDjV-09 Bazaars Flying Circus "Stella" f. 2008

Int. Nord. Fi Sk Cz Hu At Pl Ch. JWW-10 DKV-10 CEEW-10 NV-11 BeW-13 WW-13 Dream Catcher Starring Moravia "Emil" f. 2009 

No Ch. Bazaars Smarties "Bono" f. 2009

JWW-11 ViceWW-12 HEjW-11 FIjW-11 FiV-12 BaltW-12 EE-W-12 DKV-12 NORDV-12 Int.Nord. Fi Ch EE Ch. Bazaars Catch a Flying Dream "Aslan" f. 2010 Top Winning Miniature in Finland 2013.

Int. Nord. Fi Ch. NjV-11 Bazaars Dream On "Emilia" f. 2010

Int. Cz Sk Hu At Ch. EURjW-11 Grace the Event Starring Moravia "Grace" f. 2010

No Se Dk Ch. SEjV-12 Lenholl Dark Secret "Ivan" f. 2011 Top Winning Miniature in Norway 2013

Int. DK No Se Fi Ch. Nord Ch. KBHV-14 DKV-14 DKKV-15 Mon Charme Diamant Noir "Morris" f. 2011

No Ch. Bazaars Ladybug "Fendi" f. 2012

No Ch. Bazaars Starlight Express "Perle" f. 2011

No. Ch. Bazaars Beauvais "Syver" f. 2012

No Se Dk Ch. Bazaars Brigette "Bruni" f.2012

Dk Ch. Bazaars Tantalized "Harriet" f.2014

Int. Cz. Ch. Slo Ch. Bazaars Intrigued "Tyggis" f. 2014

Se No Fi Ch. Bazaars Zanzibar "Melker" f. 2015

Int. Fi Ch. EE Ch. Bazaars Zahrada "Demi" f. 2015

Int. No Se Dk Ch. Fi Ch. DKjW-16 Bazaars Queen Bee "Rosie" f. 2015 Top winning bitch & Runner up to "Pavel" 2016

No Dk Ch. Bazaars Blossom «Milla» f. 2016

Fi Ch. Bazaars New Aspect «Siru» f. 2015

VDH Ch. German Ch. Bazaars All is One "Tyson" f. 2017

No Ch. NjV-19 Proudlady's Storming Bazaar "Frida" f. 2018 

No Ch. Bazaars Yes Me "Jessie" f. 2019

No Dk Ch. Ballentines Happy Times "Victor" f. 2021

Dvergpuddel/Dwarf Poodle:

Int. No Se Ch. Ankarus Little Rich Bitch "Molly" f. 1989

No Se Ch. Bentary's Foreign Affair "Maxine" f. 1992

No Ch. Bazaars Slick Chick "Duncan" f. 1994

No Ch. Bazaars Benchmark "Ruffen" f. 1998

No Dk. Ch Bazaars Serengeti "Kitty" f. 2003

No Se Dk Ch. Pop-Up's La Marquesa de Bazaar "Stina" f. 2002

No Se Ch. Bazaars Bonne Idee "Elli" f. 2010

Toypuddel/Toy Poodle: 

Int. Nord. Fi. EE. Ch. Southampton D'Artagnan Bazaar "Dart" f. 1997

Int.Nord.Ch. Fi Ch. BLNW-02 KBHV-02 EUROW-02 DKKV-02 Haggai Sleep to Dream "Neon" f. 2000

No Se Ch. Eugenios Partytime at Bazaar "Yatzy" f. 1997

No Ch. Bazaars Black Beauty "Beauty" f. 1999

No Se Ch. Bazaars Rich in Style f. 1992